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Jiangsu Overseas Group Corporation (JOC) is a leading export and import enterprise based in Jiangsu Province, one of the most economically developed regions in Eastern China. JOC trades chemicals, electrical and mechanical equipment, metals, building materials, consumer goods, textiles, pet products, etc. with partners worldwide.

In the past 30 years of trading internationally, JOC has built her international reputation on the principles of “Honor, Professionalism and Quality”. In 2013, JOC’s total value of exports reached 477 million US dollars, and imports (including medical equipment, infrastructure and transportation items, raw materials, etc.) 940 million US dollars.


Exporters of a wide range of products - for example; home textile and knit wear, wholesale leisure and sportswear, super warm hi-tech padding wear, plus pork hide twists, sand suctioning barge, pure benzene, ortho-chlorotoltuene, machinery equipments for power generation and chemical plant

In 2013, JOC's export hit 477 million US dollars. Products exported include shipping vessels, industrial complete equipment, electrical and mechanical equipment, medical intermediate, plastic and chemical raw materials and products, chemical intermediate, building engineering facilities, generating equipment, textiles and garments, pet products and packing materials.


Importers of iron ore

In 2013, JOC's import totaled 940 million US dollars. Products traded including raw and processed materials plus equipment, such as urban light rail facility, medical and related equipment, medical intermediate, iron sand, wool and other light industry raw materials, chemical raw materials, chemical intermediate, timber and textile raw materials.


Manufacturers of a wide range of products - including; super warm hi-tech padding wear, home textile and knit wear, wholesale leisure and sportswear, plus sand suctioning barge, pork hide twists, ortho-chlorotoltuene, pure benzene, machinery equipments for power generation and chemical plant

JOC invests extensively in manufacturing facilities, and could provide products such as maleic anhydride, para-chlorotoluence and ortho-chlorotoluence, fumaric acid, plastics BOPS, series of membranes, EPS, vessels, garments, pet food accessories,etc.

Domestic Trade

Engineering projects, pressure vessel suppliers and distributors, sand suctioning barge, etc

JOC, possessing a strong domestic presence, is becoming a driving force behind many projects in the fields of bidding, chemical storage, port logistics, IT services, labor service, real estate development, tourism, etc.

JOC successfully operates in various fields. The Group exports textile and garments, gifts, pet products, mechanical, electrical and generating equipment, chemicals, building and engineering facilities, medical equipment, etc. JOC imports steels, timber, chemical raw materials, wool, paper pulp, waste paper, mechanical and electrical equipment, etc. As a major state-owned investment and asset management body in Jiangsu province, JOC has dozens of factories in the businesses of machinery, information technology, chemical industry, plastics, shipbuilding, clothing, pet food, etc. JOC also provides services such as chemical wharfs, chemical storage, international bidding and real estate development.

JOC owns many well-known brands, such as “SINOPET” for pet products, which include pet chews, pork hide twists, green bones and chicken tenders, etc

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